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Zwickelmania 2015
Zwickelmania, the annual one-day event in Oregon when breweries open their doors to all beer fans for tours and samples. It's on Valentine’s Day this year, and goes from 11am to 4pm. More than 100 breweries are participating. Come out and high five some brewers & get your cards signed.
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Lucky Labrador 16th Annual Invitational Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival
Over the years the Lucky Lab has been collecting, storing and cellaring a variety of strong beers for your enjoyment. This event will focus on barleywines as well as rare big beers. The selection will include current and vintage barleywines to showcase how the beer can develop over time.
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Latest Updates

February 1st, 2015

Good news, everyone! Local Portland artist, Brett Superstar has just signed on as the illustrator for the 2nd Edition of Craft Beer Cards!

We're hard at work producing the Second Edition of card packs. Watch for updates here and on our social channels. First Edition packs are still available for sale online at the link below:

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First Edition Cards

#1 Ben Flerchinger
Lucky Labrador Brewing

#2 Mike Branes
Migration Brewing

#3 Vasili Gletsos
Laurelwood Brewing

#4 Ben Edmunds
Breakside Brewery

#5 Bolt Minister
Old Town Brewing Co.

#6 Matt Van Wyk
Oakshire Brewing

#7 Spencer Gotter
Fort George Brewery

#8 Ben Kehs & Jason Barbee
Deschutes Brewing

#9 Jamie Floyd
Ninkasi Brewing

#10 Irena Bierzynski
Lompoc Brewing

#11 Mike Wright
The Commons Brewery

#12 Jamie Emmerson
Full Sail Brewing