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Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF)
Pouring 90 different craft beers from around the country – plus 17 beers from New Zealand and The Netherlands in the International Tent – the Oregon Brewers Festival is the quintessential celebration of craft beer!
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The Trading Cards

Craft Beer Cards© are quality trading cards, featuring some of the craft beer industry's favorite brewers. Card fronts feature a full-color illustration of the brewer, along with their name and current brewery (as of that edition's printing). The back of each card has brewer stats, including some facts, past brewing career, style and ingredient preferences, and a quote. Some cards will contain multiple brewers (known as "split cards"), because sometimes awesome brewers come in pairs. Each edition created features 12 unique cards.

Card Packs

Each pack comes with a random assortment of 5 trading cards, printed on heavy stock. Full color over white on the front, and only black ink over textured kraft stock on the back. Included with each pack is an index card, which displays the Craft Beer Card logo on the front and a listing of all 12 unique cards in that edition on the back. The index card will help fans to determine which cards in each edition they still need to collect. We try our best to ensure each pack's random assortment of cards does not contain duplicates, so you should receive 5 unique subjects in each pack received. Packs are sealed in acid-free, archival quality cello bags.

The Idea

The original idea was spawned in 2010, when Len Peralta created the Geek-a-Week series of trading cards, which features illustrations of famous geeks on trading cards. Being a geek since childhood, and emerging craft beer geek as an adult, I began thinking out a way to put craft brewers on trading cards. It took 2 years and a lot of craft beer drinking to migrate the idea into an actionable plan. In the Summer of 2012, I bumped into my friend Sabine at a Portland rock show, and we struck up conversation about her illustrating the project. I reached out to local Portland brewers who I've come to know over the years for the first edition of Craft Beer Cards. Along with a lot of help from friends, colleagues, and industry veterans, the whole concept came together.
- Justin Craft

How To Get A Pack

Order online right now, or find a location near you which carries Craft Beer Cards. We also will attend various craft beer events which you can find us selling packs. Find out where we're going to be by visiting the Events page.

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Suggest A Brewer

Do you know a craft brewer who would be an excellent candidate? Do you have a favorite brewery who hasn't yet had one of their amazing brewers featured on Craft Beer Cards? Are you a commercial craft brewer with an interest in being immortalized on your own trading card for the masses to collect? Great! We would love to hear suggestions for our upcoming editions. The only requirement is that the brewer currently works at a commercially licensed brewery in the United States. No homebrewers, please. We love you, homebrewers, but we can only take commercial craft brewers.

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