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Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF)
Pouring 90 different craft beers from around the country – plus 17 beers from New Zealand and The Netherlands in the International Tent – the Oregon Brewers Festival is the quintessential celebration of craft beer!
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Ben Flerchinger Trading Card

First Edition:

#2 Mike Branes

#3 Vasili Gletsos

#4 Ben Edmunds

Time Shifting Brew Doctor

A Ben Fest pioneer and hop harvesting aficionado. Picking the lock for hop heads across the Pacific Northwest, Ben has been gifted with the ability to create a wide variety of craft beers with a loyal following.

Best Known For:
Super Dog
Favorite Style:
Big and/or Barrel Aged
Favorite Hops:
Favorite Grains:
Vienna Malt
Lucky Labrador Brewing Portland, OR 2004 - PRESENT

"I'm into Lagers now, Lagers are cool"

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