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Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF)
Pouring 90 different craft beers from around the country – plus 17 beers from New Zealand and The Netherlands in the International Tent – the Oregon Brewers Festival is the quintessential celebration of craft beer!
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Mike Wright Trading Card

First Edition:

#12 Jamie Emmerson

#1 Ben Flerchinger

#2 Mike Branes

Yeast-Forward IT Expat

After spending 14 years in IT, Mike has turned in his final TPS report, digging his hands deep in to the rich soil of farmhouse style brewing. With roots planted firmly in the construct of working hard, yeast-forward thinking, and keeping it clean, he’s growing a large crop of dedicated fans. When not mashing-in, you’ll likely find Mike out getting dirty on the cyclocross track.

Best Known For:
Being yeast-forward
Secret Mission:
Reflecting Ganum sans open fermenters
Favorite Style:
Moderate alcohol, refreshing beer
Favorite Hops:
Aroma hops
A long list of helpful Oregon brewers
The Commons Brewery Portland, OR 2011 - PRESENT
Beetje Brewing Portland, OR 2010 - 2011

"Enjoy the subtleties of a beer, and don't assume brett equals sour."

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